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Thursday, October 3, 2013

state of semi-permanent flooding and building wooden bridges at Brgy. Buli, Muntinlupa, Philippines

Japanese Punk rock band T"he Happening" before embarking on their Philippine Tour (October 2013) had a first hand experience of how people survive on a daily basis given the natural and man-made calamities. Given the context of what happened in March 2011 in Fukushima Japan, after a quake, tsunami and the nuclear fallout, 28 bands bounded together to produce creative resistance through music and the "human recover project." Kaori and co. shared their music with the families residing along the outskirt of Laguna de Bay and an oil depot. Organized by the Local Anarchist Network and coordinated by the Onsite Infoshop, a Food Not Bomb with children and parents of those staying for the time being at the Brgy. Buli, Muntinlupa evacuation/brgy. hall complex. Both Filipinos and Japanese shared a common experience of disasters and sense of malasakit (concern) and pananagutan (responsibility).


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