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Monday, August 5, 2013

social networking: the good, the bad and the techie

In present times, social networking sites are one of the likes of the youth.  Facebook , tweeter , instagram and others are examples social networking sites which are used in communicating other people who are also connected to those sites.
It is much better to know the importance of those sites. To know why does young people are fond of using those sites. To know what are the advantages of having those social networking sites. 
          To know the significance of those sites to the youth there’s a need of conducting a study. The researcher must have questions to be answer by the respondents. The respondents are at the age of ten to twelve years of age regardless of their gender and status. This study will be done within two months. That information that has been gathered will be summarized. To show the results of the study, the researcher must used charts to show the goal of the study.
          The results that are gathered in this study is to understand the importance of those social networking sites to the youth.
                  The social networking site is the online community , a relation among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real life connections. It is life experience and now trending in the society, also it is web-based and provide means for users to interact over the internet. It is individual centered service whereas online community services are grouped centered. Social networking site allow us to share our ideas, pictures, posts, activities, events and interests w/people in their network. Example of this are facebook, twitter, myspace, instagram etc. The focused of social networking site is to bring people together to interact w/ each other through chat rooms, and encouraged users to share personal information and ideas, by providing us the easy way process to communicate. Communication is so important nowadays especially for the people in long distance community.
               The positive part of social networking site are firstly the students, it helps us in school project and even homework, secondly it will helps the teachers allowing to post club meeting, social networking sites are helping businesses advertise and benefiting businesses economically. Thirdly in enabling advancements in science and medicine. Also the job hunting, and the best part is you can stay in touch w/ our friends, family etc.
                   The negative part are, the social networking site encourages users to provide a certain amount of personal information, the lack of physical interaction provides a false sense of security. Another issue is the child safety. Lot of websites do have an requirement but is easily bypassed, sns has a vulgar comments and picture that may not be suitable for very young age. Also the sns provides some games that children may get addicted and for the health sickness maybe the solution is the parents to supervise their children.

Cyber Effect
by: April Gaspi Nepomuceno

    Internet has great impact in our lives now a days. It makes us feel at ease in every action we do. This serves as Information provider, serves as communication tool, it is also for entertainment and others. But what if internet has negative effects on the other side ? Is it acceptable or not ? 

    We should be attentive in every action we do. Internet can be considered as one of the powerful thing here on Earth. Once you did a mistake, in just one click of camera and a minutes of uploading it, what you did may spread and many comments will appear and will be said, Negative or not. It may affect our psychological aspects in a way that we can feel shame inside us. Do we want to feel something like that ? Of course, no.

    Cyber bullying, cyber crime, cyber sex and others. This is the negative effects of internet towards us. The reasons may be for fun and the most reasonable thing here is for Money. Is this necessary ? Maybe yes, for those in need but to those people whose minds were open, a big No. Many people has been victims of this effects. Some have been robbed, lost their dignity, feel shame inside them and the worst.. Some people died because of this. Internet affects the mind of people negatively, that's why they do this crimes for the sake of their lives and fun without thinking about what will the victims feel.

    Yes, we can’t stop this kind of thing easily. But this serves as a reminder for those who do crime in internet. Just making our mind open in all aspects and negative things may stop or will stop already.
Regalado,Danthea II.T.l.E+Fellizar, Allen III BA Comm, Nepomuceno, Arpil III BA Comm


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