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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

green camp in buenavista by oct

Here is the breakdown of our event to take place
October 27, 28, 29 at BNHS Lipata-Tungib Annex.

We are expecting roughly 200 student and teacher participants for the
3-day camp. They will be staying on the grounds of the school, with an
amazing view of Mt. Malindig and Elephant Island.

Our Environmental Club members will be facilitating fun, interactive
workshops about the following topics: Aquatic Life, Forest Life,
Disaster Preparedness, Leadership Skills, Anti-Plastic Campaign, and
Project Development. Our students have planned the sessions and will
facilitate them together with other Peace Corps Volunteers who are
traveling to Marinduque for the occasion. The camp will follow a
workshop model (students divided into teams and sessions on a rotating
schedule) so as to assure small working groups and more learning :)

On the second day (Oct. 28) we are opening the camp up for any
interested adults to attend. We are hoping to bring in the PTA and
barangay officials. We will have special “adult” sessions for them to
discuss these issues, to be lead by our adult Peace Corps Volunteers.

At night, we intend to have film showings. I will show BBC’s Planet
Earth: Shallow Seas, which has incredible footage of aquatic life.
Hopefully you can show your film on the night of Oct. 28! Please let
us know as soon as you can, if you can commit.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or are interested in
helping in any other way. The more connections we make and people we
get involved, the better!

Thanks a lot and stay green!



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