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Saturday, September 24, 2011

mindsetbreaker publishing and distribution

mindsetbreaker publishing and distribution


Indymedia marinduque interview

Can you tell us any background how indymedia marinduque started? When did
you start doing it? What motivates you to do it and how did you know about

What particular work you do in indymedia? What are your aims or goals, if
any? Do you work individually or with other people? Do you have any
specific physical location? What kind of resources you have?

What specific activities you do in indymedia? Do you have any projects
being accomplished already? If yes, what are they?

Where there any other indymedia existed in the Philippines right now
besides yours? I heard about indymedia bringing the name in places such as
Quezon City and Manila before, do you know about them? Do they still exist
presently? Do you have similar work as to them? Do you get in touch with
each other or extended collaborative work?

What kind of stuff you cover in indymedia? Do you make film or published a
zine or any website? What kind of issues or subjects do you focus on? Are
the information cover political situations in the Philippines? Do you also
cover issues abroad? In what particular place?

Does indymedia worked with local communities? How does it look like? What
kind of communities are they? In what place they come from? How
communities feel about the work of indymedia? Do communities have specific
issues being inherited? What are they? How indymedia support communities?
Do you also support people who are affected by corporate intervention?

Are there other sectors besides communities indymedia had closely worked
in? What are they and how it looks like? How about subcultures or
underground scenes? Schools or universities?

What can you say about commercial media in the Philippines? Is this a bad
thing? How it brings the lives of the population in the country? Who are
the main purveyors of commercial media in the Philippines? What are their
backgrounds? Do they have other serious businesses besides commercial
media? What are they?

Is indymedia marinduque an alternative media? What is the difference
between alternative media and mainstream media or commercial media? How
important an alternative media for you?

Does indymedia marinduque supports or believe in revolution? What kind of
revolution? Does it aim for social change or any transformation of
society? How does revolution for you play a significant role in the

Do you see anarchist revolution applicable in the Philippines? Does the
anarchist movement in the Philippines will become instrumental for the
revolution to take place? Do you see its happening nowadays or none at

What is your everyday work besides indymedia? Do you have a stable job? Do
you have a family or have children to care for? What are your thoughts
about unemployment in the Philippines? Do you think for anarchist in the
Philippines it will be hard and difficult not to work for bureaucratic
management at all? Do you have any solutions you think to solve this
difficult problem? What are your thoughts about self-management?

Currently, I heard discussions about creating non-hierarchical
cooperatives in the local anarchist circle, do you think the idea if
implemented in actuality will become sustainable and on-going? Do you see
any kind of implications further way in terms of compromising to obtain
legal papers by means of using the current system? Or might be good just
to keep it underground? Do you see any pros and cons about this matter
meanwhile organizing in the Philippines?

There are also ongoing talks about the so-called “mainstreaming anarchism”
to the rest of society in the Philippines or partly opening anarchist
ideas more widespread to people includes specific actions and activities
like local food not bombs and street demonstrations. Some have argued
about putting actors in facebook as well in you tube with photos and stuff
includes personal images of demonstrators. While some anarchist folks have
wandered about the good idea and benefits about using digital technology
others were suspicious about the risk of security and ecological
footprints on alienating dependency towards the use of such technology.
What is your opinion about this matter?

I heard a lot of active indymedia networks worldwide; do you also have
contact with them? Do you make collaborative projects or solidarity work?

What is the history of indymedia in general? How it was formed? Does it
all started out from autonomous leanings? Is there any indymedia with
authoritarian or pro-state inclination? Is there any religious inclination
as well? Or mostly were anarchists? Which indymedia you think that people
need to be careful of? How about infiltrations and recuperations by using
indymedia? Is there any existed? What happen and how it has affected
people’s choices, autonomy and freedom?

Do you have any future plans for indymedia marinduque? How can we support

And now it’s open to you. Anything you like to add.

Thank you very much.


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